Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Easley, SC


The best places to exemplify value and comfort in your home are in the kitchen and bathroom. Modernizing and upgrading these spaces is a great way to reinvest in your quality of life, while also adding value to your home. Burgess Handyman Services assists homeowners in facilitating kitchen and bathroom remodels in their homes, to actualize the full potential of these spaces.
before and after bathroom remodel


Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you cook daily or use your kitchen as the central gathering place in your home, it deserves to be a space that meets all of your needs. When we undertake kitchen remodel in Easley, SC, we do so with your needs and wants in mind. From the floors and countertops, to the cabinets and appliances, we focus on each individual facet of your kitchen to bring the entire space to life.

Our goal with every kitchen remodel is to add value, functionality, versatility and comfort to the space. No matter what role the kitchen serves in your home, we promise it’ll be a room you want to spend more time in when we’re done upgrading it.

Bathroom Remodeling

We spend more time in the bathroom each day than we realize. Shouldn’t it be a space that’s welcoming, comfortable and compliant with our needs? When you undertake a bathroom remodel in Easley, SC with Burgess Handyman Services, we make sure your space is completely transformed into something accommodating and welcoming. From the sink to the shower, flooring to fixtures, our approach is to modernize and transform your bathroom into a space that you enjoy each and every day.

bathroom remodel

Attention to Every Detail in Easley, SC

With any project—no matter how big or small—Burgess Handyman Services is committed to excellence. We consider every detail and strive for quality workmanship at all times, giving you the confidence you need to trust us with your next bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. Contact our team today by calling 864-859-1960 and get started on your next upgrade project!